Indoor Battery Based Generator Systems


We are authorized Pennsylvania Distributors for Indoor GeneratorsTM.. These units are designed to provide battery-based back up power, instantly during a power outage.We can design these units to provide minutes, hours or days of emergency power for essential loads such as:

  • refrigerators
  • sump pumps
  • lighting
  • well pumps
  • communications
  • office equipment
  • medical equipment
  • furnaces
  • hot water and more

Indoor System Design

The transfer of power is instantaneous, the power quality is excellent and safe for sensitive electronics. Here's how it works...You let us know what you need to provide power to in an emergency situation and how many hours or days that you want the emergency power for.We will design a system that will handle the job.We can provide 120 volt receptacles built directly into the unit where you can plug-in appliances or other loads that you want to power, or we can install 120 or 240 volt subpanels containing the circuits you wish to protect (requires additional electrical work).We'll size the battery bank provide the proper transfer switching and battery charging controls.We'll build a steel, wood or aluminum enclosure on wheels, that can be placed in you utility room, in the room where it is needed, or even on a covered condo balcony.Whatever load that you connect to the unit will be energized when the power goes out, and return to utility power automatically when the utility power is restored.We can even extend your run time by installing a solar power input on your unit.You can recharge your batteries using solar energy from solar panels either permanently installed on your property, or temporary portable solar panels we can provide for you.Once the utility power is restored, your generator battery bank will resume charging from your utility power. When the unit is fully charged, you're ready for the next outage.

Indoor GeneratorsTM can work for years on the original batteries and batteries can easily be replaced. They are an ideal solution for indoor applications, offices, apartments, condominiums, on anywhere that noise, the availability of fuel, or the fumes from running a conventional gas or LP powered generator are a problem.