full::Standby Generator Systems
full::Standby generators are essential for providing emergency power during power outages and natural elements. Standby generators provide power for homes during storms providing an important service.

Protect what matters most, day and night.

Standby Generator Systems

GSE has a full range of generator systems, each of which starts up within seconds of a power loss and then shuts down as soon as power is restored. And, we carry products from several manufacturers; thereby providing you with the widest range of choice both in terms of price and capability. Our standby generator systems are powered by natural gas, LP, diesel, and our newest technology... battey-powered, silent emergency generators. 

Home Standby Generators 

We have all seen it happen many times -- storm winds blow (or lightning strikes, ice forms), trees fall, wires go down and the power goes out. For how long? Well, that depends on a number of things, not the least of which is the severity of the damage. But you may be surprised to know that where you live can be a major factor as well. 

You see, utilities follow a protocol for the restoration of service designed to get power back to the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. Priority is given to making dangerous situations such as with downed lines safe even before attempting to restore service. When service restoration begins, institutions such as fire, police and hospitals are addressed first. Secondly, the focus is on main lines-those that can restore power to perhaps thousands of people. Then they move to lines that can affect hundreds; secondary lines that affect dozens; and finally to service drops at individual homes. If you happen to live in an area where homes or businesses are less numerous, the delay in restoring power can, be significant. 

For more details on how your power company treats outages, you can visit their website. The local utilities, Exelon| PECO, PPL Electric Utilities and Delmarva Power all have a section on their website dealing with power outages. 

If the outage lasts for only a brief time, then there is little or no harm done. 

However, extended outages can be uncomfortable and, at certain times, downright dangerous. This is especially true if you or a member of your family have a medical condition or if you rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry. Single battery backups do work with sump pump systems and are useful for short outages but, without power to recharge them, their stoarge can be drained within just a few hours. 

None of this has to be a problem. GSE has a full range of generator systems, each of which starts up within seconds of a power loss and then shuts down as soon as power is restored. And, we carry products from several manufacturers; thereby providing you with the widest range of choice both in terms of price and capability. But, we don't just sell the equipment, we are also a factory authorized repair center for several of our manufacturer partners - names like Kohler,GE, Briggs and Stratton, Guardian Generators. In short, we know what it takes to make a successful installation. 

We now feature whole-house, silent, battery-based standby generators for homes, apartments, or businesses. We can even design a solar-powered emergency standby system... a battery-based back up system recharged by the power of the sun! 

If you already have a generator, we love to service them even if someone else installed it. Contact us if your generator needs repair or annual maintenance service. 

Guerrera & Sons Electric Standby Generator Accessories 

Guerrera & Sons Electric offers a number of optional standby generator accessories for additional generator performance features. Many accessories are manufacturer specific and not all accessories are available for every generator model. 

Kohler Generator Accessories  

Programmable Interface Module (PIM) 

The Programmable Interface Module (PIM) enables your KOHLER generator to provide "smart home" capabilities with the OnCue(R) Generator Management System. The PIM lets you turn selected items, such as porch lights, on and off from a remote location. 

Load Control Module 

If you chose a smaller generator to power your home, the KOHLER Load Control Module can help manage higher electrical loads. During a power outage, the entire home will be connected to generator power, but some circuits may be cycled on and off to prevent overloading. The Load Control Module automatically manages up to six residential loads. 

Remote Monitoring Products 

KOHLER's remote monitoring products are designed to let you see and manage your generator system from multiple locations. These accessories will notify you when your generator starts operating and when it needs attention. 

OnCue Home Generator Management System 

Available for KOHLER residential generators 30 kW and smaller are ideal for homeowners who travel frequently or split their time between residences.  


Allows homeowners to remotely manage generator performance from anywhere in the world

Relays status messages to you or your local KOHLER dealer

View real-time status of generator operation

Observe and/or clear any diagnostic fault codes

Review a time-stamped history of faults and clearing of faults

View multiple gensets on one screen*

Personal computer with Microsoft Windows 7 *, Windows Vista or Windows XP

Available as an optional kit for the 14/20RES(L), 8.5/12/17/18RES (L) and 15/30RESA/REYG

Only available on 14/20RES models

External Alarm Module  

Available for any KOHLER genset that uses the Model RDT automatic transfer switches, sounding an alarm when a fault occurs.  


Allows you to start/stop the generator and transfer load from a remote location

Provides indication that the generator is powering the house and any system faults

Fits into a single gang electrical box and connects to the ATS with CAT-5 cable

Audible alarm horn to notify that a fault has occurred

Multiple alarm modules can be connected

Accessory board required to be able to use external alarm module

Applicable Models: Any KOHLER generator that uses the Model RDT Automatic Transfer Switch

Briggs and Stratton Generator Accessories 

Cold Weather Kit: 

Ensures smooth starting and reliable operation in the winter months with the Briggs & Stratton Cold Weather kit. The thermostatically controlled battery warmer and oil heater activate as the temperature drops. Each kit includes a battery warmer and oil heater 

Remote Systems Status 

Transmits advanced diagnostic reporting on 8 different system functions (twice the protection of the leading competitor) to a safe location inside your home


Surge Protector 

The ultimate surge protection for major appliances, home electronics, computers/home office and entertainment systems - 175,000 Amperes max surge current. This product is designed for 120/240 VAC Single Phase. Protect your primary electric panel(s) and / or your automatic transfer switch. The CHSPT2ULTA can help protect your transfer switch from utility power surges - a leading contributor to transfer switch failure 

Phone Out System 

You are away Severe thunderstorms are forecasted back home. You have a home generator system but you are still worried. What if something goes wrong? What if your power goes out and your generator doesn t come on? Will your basement be flooded when you arrive home? Will your food spoil? You wish you could just have someone there to check to make sure. Now you can! 

The Phone-out Home Monitoring System automatically monitors your home s electrical power and calls you at up to 3 different pre-programed telephone numbers in the event that your residential stand-by generator system does not come on during a power outage. 

When an alarm occurs, after a 5 or 30-minute delay (depending on the switch setting selected for the "Call Delay Time") the Monitor will call the first programmed telephone number and wait up to 10 rings for the called telephone to answer. If the called telephone does not answer, or answers and no response code keys are pressed, the monitoring system will call a second and third telephone number (if programmed), each time allowing 10 rings. The system will continue the calling sequence at 15-minute intervals until a called phone is answered and a response code is entered, or until an alarm condition no longer exists. 

Other features: 

Central monitor detects power failures or temperatures falling below 45 degrees F

Plug in Water Sensor detects unwanted water or flooding.

Monitors your home, condo, garage, shop, business or other outbuildings